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Work Integrated Learning (WIL)


Disney News Item Commerce student, Jade Tallowin, speaks to Channel 9 reporter at Curtin.

Disney Internship Win for Curtin Students!

[Posted: 3 Nov 2015]

Three Curtin University students have won internships with Disney International Programs. The flagship Australia New Zealand Cultural Exchange Program is a five month internship commencing at Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida, January 2016.

Internship winner, Jessica Tobin, Bachelor Arts, Photography and Illustration Design is excited about living autonomously for five months. She explains, "learning how to balance rent, groceries, work and study is going to be great lesson in self-management." The Disney internship also offers seminars to enhance workplace learning. I intend to pick up a class called Exploring Marketing at Walt Disney World Resort and hope to apply this knowledge to branding my own business one day.

Jade Tallowin, who also won a coveted internship, is completing a Bachelor Commerce Marketing and Advertising. She views the internship as a once in a life time opportunity to enhance her knowledge of marketing and learn from recognised world leaders in customer service.

The internship offers a paid experiential-learning opportunity featuring hands-on training combined with immersive skill-building programs, including seminar courses providing insights into business operations, workplace culture and marketing of the Disney brand.

Jade and Jessica were offered internships after a competitive selection process and competed against students from other universities within Perth and across Australia and New Zealand. Jade explains, "I applied for the Exchange Program last year and was not successful. This year I took extra care putting together my application and preparing for an interview. Disney looks for students who 'fit' their expectations and understand the value of great customer service and I wanted to demonstrate that I was a good 'fit' for the 2016 program."

Channel 9 interviewed Jessica and Jade on campus about their expectations of the program.

See the Disney International Programs website for information about the Disney 2016 August internship application process.

Congratulations Jessica and Jade and we look forward to hearing all about your experiences when you return in 2016!

Subiaco Redvelopment Image_News

Subiaco Redevelopment Project

[Posted: 3 Nov 2015]

School of Built Environment (SOBE) Unit Coordinators Dr Joo Hwa and Co-Coordinator Boon Ong, together with tutors Chris Leong, Elizabeth Stauss, EuShen Yeoh and Michelle Hon have designed two units offering WIL experiences to third year architecture students in 2015. One hundred and twenty students were enrolled in the units - Architectural Design and Technology Integration Studio and Architectural Design and Technology Methods, in semester two of this year.

These WIL activities have been enriched through partnerships with industry and local government, providing students with authentic and collaborative working environments. The City of Subiaco discussed a planning challenge for architecture students with Dr Bay and has resourced the student project with key personnel to support and enhance student learning throughout the semester.

Students were tasked with exploring new approaches to housing and place making for residents of North Subiaco, where a significant change in direction is needed when Subiaco Oval moves to Burswood in 2018. City of Subiaco Director of Planning Services, Ms Kathy Bonus, addressed students, explaining the role of the architect in relation to the broader Subiaco community and within a multi-disciplinary planning and design team. She also assisted students during master planning exercises and provided feedback to students during the design development process.

In the studio, students worked in teams of five in a collaborative practice learning environment. The collaborative learning model was employed following the successful implementation of this model by Dr Khoa Do in a second year design studio in semester one of this year. This model features a mix of industry practicing professionals acting as senior practitioners with a variety of design expertise, liaising with students as designers in teams, and simulating the environment of a large architectural practice.

Dr Bay and colleagues were particularly concerned with ensuring the WIL experience optimised student learning and skill development. Having consulted with Sonia Ferns, Academic Lead, Work Integrated Learning, five main elements of best practice WIL were featured in the collaborative learning environment.

  • Exposure to a real project with partners
  • Exposure to a practicing planner
  • Simulation of a collaborative practice learning environment
  • Reflective practice for students
  • The opportunity for students to present to industry and peers.

Students will present their final design proposals to City of Subiaco and Curtin staff at an end of year event 12 November from 10:00am, Building 201, level 3.

Leanne Sher ARPA Best New Starter Award for Curtin University Occupational Therapy graduate, Leanne Sher.

Career Advice from Award Winning Occupational Therapy Graduate

[Posted: 12 Oct 2015]

We asked recent Occupational Therapy graduate Leanne Sher about her first professional job and Industry Awards surprise!

Leanne graduated from the Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy in 2014. She shares her experiences of the transition from student to professional with us.

" I was allocated a placement with the WorkFocus Perth office for my final placement as an Occupational Therapy student. After completing three weeks of professional placement my Perth supervisor suggested I speak to the manager of the Melbourne WorkFocus office about a potential graduate role with them. I was offered a job that week and moved to Melbourne a few weeks later to begin in the role of Rehabilitation Consultant.

Being on clinical placement allowed me to learn from experts in the field and gain real, practical skills in the workplace. I felt supported by WorkFocus staff and Curtin supervisors to make my own clinical judgements. Building upon my knowledge and skills in the workplace, I felt confident to accept the graduate role with WorkFocus in Melbourne.

My advice to current students on clinical placements is to ask as many questions as possible and accept challenges as they are presented. Do not be afraid to speak up, however know your limits and work to better yourself. Workplace supervisors and Curtin staff are there to help and were once in your shoes - they recognise you are learning and developing skills, and will help you grow, if you let them. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get real, on the job experience with the support of your school and work supervisor. This will be the best time of your life and a chance to get a taste of the different avenues your occupational therapy degree can take you ... make it COUNT!

I was nominated by the Area Manager of WorkFocus for Best New Starter, with an original employer, in the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association Victoria, Worksafe Awards."

Congratulations on your win Leanne and thanks for sharing your story with us at WIL!

architecture image news item Architecture It Grows - Winning Concept Drawing by Tuan Anh Ngo

Architecture It Grows Project

[Posted: 7 Sep 2015]

School of Built Environment lecturer Katherine Ashe has piloted a WIL Project, with Master of Architecture students. The "Architecture It Grows" project is in collaboration with the City of Vincent, North Perth Community Garden Centre and industry partners.

Students were asked to design a new micro public open space for the North Perth Community Garden. Students then worked in an interdisciplinary design team to fulfil the design brief and contribute to the concept of activating the space through the relational study of body, garden and community.

The design team brought together the talents, industry knowledge and skills of allied trades, suppliers, designers, surveyors and a statutory authority to direct students' learning and manage the design application process. Ms Ashe says facilitation of the project by the design team was integral to the success of the project and to enhancing the student experience.

For students, she says, "the poetics of studio readings has been starkly and consciously juxtaposed to getting a project out of the ground with the preparation of briefs, development applications, building permit submission and cost plans."

The design team included representatives from North Perth Community Garden, the City of Vincent, Brickworks, Auswes Timbers, Austral Bricks, Fini Sustainability, Blackwells and Associates, Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation and the Department of Sport and Recreation.

The students, Ms Ashe explains, "have stretched themselves in many directions and the resultant richness is evident in the design propositions. My thanks extend to WIL Academic Lead, Sonia Ferns, for her input in the preliminary stages of the project," and for helping establish such a valuable WIL experience for these students.

To conclude their projects, students presented their designs to stakeholders, with two students individually awarded Best Design in the competition.

Please contact Katherine Ashe directly if you would like more information about the project. Or contact Sonia Ferns if you are interested in embedding WIL in curriculum.

Kurt Jennings News Kurt Jennings at his desk

Engineering a Career in Construction

[Posted: 1 Sep 2015]

Kurt Jennings, a recent Structural Engineering graduate from Curtin University, has been offered a graduate position with ACOR Consultants following a professional practice placement with them earlier this year.

In his final year of a Structural Engineering degree Kurt made contact with ACOR Consultants after finding out about a potential graduate opportunity through a friend. Kurt submitted a cover letter with his resume and offered to complete a short period of unpaid vacation work; which completed his work experience for accreditation, and also served as an opportunity to demonstrate his aptitude for the job and his skills and knowledge relevant to the role. 

Over the course of the placement Kurt undertook several structural analysis jobs, including analysis for billboards, residential extensions and small industrial constructions. Kurt also accompanied Senior Engineer, Duncan Pratt, to site visits and client meetings.

Kurt explains, the placement "helped me to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge which I gained at Curtin University and the practical applications which are required in the engineering industry. I had excellent support from the great team at ACOR and the Senior Structural Engineer was an excellent mentor who was happy to share his extensive knowledge with me."

Mr Pratt was impressed in the first instance with Kurt's professional communications, his ability to learn and his sense of humour. He said, Kurt "asked questions at the right time, picked things up quickly and had an interest in what he was doing. Additionally, as I reviewed Kurt's designs I was impressed with the level of professionalism and thought that had gone into his work."

Internships are a great way for students and potential employers to get to know each other and evaluate compatibility of skills, potential and vision before committing to an employment relationship.

Kurt's experience at ACOR Consultants exemplifies the value of Curtin's relationships with industry and employers and highlights industry recognition of WIL for enhancing graduate employability.

The Work Integrated learning team at Curtin University wish Kurt all the best in his career and thank ACOR Consultants  for providing a professional practice internship to a final year engineering student.


Fairwork Ombudsman Creates FAQ for Tertiary WIL Placements

[Posted: 31 Jul 2015]

Please consult the FAQs when arranging vocational placements to ensure compliance with the Act.


Risk Managment Resources in Focus

[Posted: 3 Jul 2015]

Risk Management is an important factor in preparing for fieldwork and current Curtin policy mandates that all staff and students should complete a risk assessment process before embarking upon fieldwork. The new suite of resources replaces all previous versions of risk assessment forms and is available on the Fieldwork Forms tab on the WIL website. Forms include:

  • Fieldwork Preliminary Risk Identification
  • Fieldwork Risk Matrix

The risk assessment has been developed in two layers, the first stage being a Fieldwork Risk Identification form  - a tick the box checklist on a page, that helps identify risk levels and in most cases will complete the risk assessment process. The second layer is the Fieldwork Risk Matrix, a more comprehensive document, which deals with Medium to High Risk fieldwork and provides tools and resources to help users mitigate and manage risk. Most important to remember with the Fieldwork Risk Matrix is that you only need to fill out the sections that are relevant to your fieldwork activity.

As Curtin looks to fulfil its strategic position, developing WIL in curriculum projects and international engagement and student mobility programs, the development of robust and flexible risk management resources and processes ahead of systemising risk management.

WIL Attributes in Student One

[Posted: 3 Jul 2015]

WIL Attributes, as shown in the table below, have been added to Student One to enable reporting of WIL in courses. The attributes will be recorded at unit level and reported at course level. To add a WIL descriptor complete a unit change form when next completing  a course review.

WIL Attributes: Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in the Curriculum


Not applicable; this unit is not intended to have a WIL experience


Not evident


Emerging, WIL evident in some outcomes and assessments


Developing, WIL evident in all outcomes and assessments


Highly developed, work or community based experience


WIL Wins New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Funding

[Posted: 5 Jun 2015]

Wanted: 10 China internships!

The WIL Team has been granted New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Funding to send ten domestic students to China to complete an internship program in 2015-16.

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region. Students will be able to apply for grants of $3,000 towards short term internships in China.

Academic lead, Sonia Ferns said, "winning a New Colombo Plan grant is a significant achievement for the WIL team as the funds will enable Curtin students to participate in an international Work Integrated Learning experience. The off-shore work experience for domestic students to regions significant to Australia's growth and development in the Indo-Pacific will promote student mobility through facilitating the development of employability capabilities in an international context."

If you currently have partnerships with employers or industry bodies in China, or know of internship opportunties in China that would benefit student learning in your discipline area, please contact the WIL team to see if NCP Mobility Grants are available to your students.


Supply Chain Management Students Pilot WIL in Curriculum

[Posted: 1 May 2015]

In a positive move toward embedding WIL in curriculum, Associate Professor Paul Alexander and Dr Trish Dooey have collaborated on a pilot project designed to expose students to team work in an authentic work environment. A WIL in Curriculum grant winner in 2014 the pilot project, "Developing language interventions to improve communication skills among teams in a business context," is currently being trialled as a 'WIL assignment' embedded in second year Business unit, Supply Chain Information Management.

Associate Professor Alexander and Dr Dooey consider WIL an important factor in facilitating the development of team work and other employability skills in business students.

"Students graduate with a degree in Business but with little practical knowledge of working in a real business. We want to address this and a 'WIL assignment' is likely to be a significant step which translates into enhanced employability of our students."

Working in small groups and acting in the capacity of consultants, students approach a business and arrange to undertake a site visit to explore supply chain management processes. Working as a team they then prepare a report based on this visit, and subsequent interactions with the business's representatives, highlighting potential improved processes.

One of the greatest benefits of the project, Associate Professor Alexander explains, is students are meeting and forming connections with employers and industry leaders from their second year of university studies, well before they can apply for internships and graduate programs. This means early in their professional career students have a real world reference point for building on learning and developing industry relevant skills.

"Host companies involved in the pilot program are prestigious companies, such as Miss Maud, Bunnings, Air BP, TNT and Goldstar Transport. For many companies, access to quality students and the chance to contribute to learning is a perceived advantage; they see it as their social responsibility to contribute to the education of future workforces."

Ideally, Associate Professor Alexander says, "We want to see every business student undertaking a WIL experience in their second year."

Graduate employers regularly rate strong interpersonal, negotiation and team work skills as highly desirable attributes of university graduates. WIL experiences embedded in curriculum set a best practice standard to meet these expectations and produce employable, work ready graduates.

If you have any questions about how to embed WIL into curriculum, please contact the WIL team on








FoodTruck Mobile food stall designed by 2Up for the Big Idea Competition.

2Up Through to Big Idea Finals

[Posted: 24 Nov 2014]

Following a rigorous selection process, Curtin’s 2Up team has been awarded a spot in The Big Idea national finals on 1st December in Melbourne.

Big Idea judges were impressed with 2Up’s business plan “Moving Feast”, a food van that rescues excess food and employs disadvantaged people to produce organic meals sold from the van. In addition to addressing food wastage and unemployment issues, the social enterprise also included a plan to distribute food for free to the homeless and displaced on specific community days.

Being committed to the project in spite of ongoing examinations, the students have demonstrated excellent time management and planning skills. They also displayed remarkable resilience, in the way they handled the stress related to the entire situation.

Should they go on and win, the students will each receive a brand new IPad as well as an immersion day experience at The Big Issue Headquarters in Melbourne.

The WIL team has supported the students through this opportunity with fortnightly workshops, partnering student teams with  appropriate business and community mentors, and providing feedback to students on the development and progress of their business plans.

WIL Project Manager, Linda Lilly, who oversaw the competition at Curtin, was overjoyed when she received the news. “We are extremely proud of our students Pamela Mello, Clara Comunelo, Ramon Loureiro, and Julia Ribeiro; who are all International students attending Curtin University as part of the Science Without Borders Program, which involves an agreement with the Brazilian Government.”

The WIL team will be bringing these students to Melbourne, giving them the opportunity to visit another capital city where they will be further exposed to Australian culture while representing Curtin at the national level.

Having a physical presence at the finals of the competition would also be a fabulous opportunity to promote Curtin University as a student-focussed institution that provides real-world, engaging experiences for students.

If you would like to support the team, please leave a comment on our Facebook page,, or   contact us at

2Up team

Big Idea Competition

[Posted: 21 Oct 2014]

Several teams participated in the Big Idea Competition and presented their social enterprise solutions to a panel of business leaders on the 15th October 2014.

The Big Idea is a national social enterprise planning competition for undergraduate students at participating universities. Coordinated by the Big Issue, Australia’s longest standing and most significant social enterprise, nine universities across the country are involved in this year’s competition.

It was a tight contest at Curtin with all teams performing brilliantly to deliver their ideas to the judges. Students pitched their business innovations aimed to tackle major social issues such as food security homelessness and unemployment using ethical and financially sustainable business models.

Ideas were assessed by a panel of expert consisting of Danya Sterling (Manager Education Enterprise, The Big Issue); Associate Professor Linley Lord (Academic Director, Curtin Leadership Centre); Nicolle Jenkins (Managing Director, The Hub    Marketing Communications); and Lena Constantine (Manager Workforce Development Services, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia).

An example of a social enterprise  idea is “Spreading the Excess”. Developed by 2Up. The business involves the collection of seconds from major supermarkets and green grocers, using them to prepare healthy, simple meals and selling them from a food truck. 2Up also aims to use the food truck as a training facility to help the disadvantaged develop food handling and basic hospitality skills, in an endeavour to improve self worth, increase employment prospects and break the poverty cycle.

The ability to address the two  significant social issues of homelessness and food security with a viable social enterprise  impressed the judges and 2Up eventually emerged victorious in the Curtin leg of the competition.

2Up will represent Curtin in the semi-finals to be held on the 17th November 2014.

Overall, the judges were impressed with the quality of the submitted proposals, the enthusiasm shown by students and the collaborative teamwork. The students were professional and engaging in their presentation deliveries and the social issues students addressed were well evidenced. The judges were also encouraged by students’ willingness to pro-actively seek feedback and improve their ideas, with Nicolle offering additional guidance to the team progressing through to the semis.

The WIL Team would like to thank all judges for taking time out from their busy schedule and being a part of this event. Additionally, the WIL Team would also like to extend our gratitude towards the industry mentors: Tanya Forsyth, Stuart Scott, Lenor Ragan and Philip Kirchlechner for guiding the students throughout the competition and providing them with an invaluable learning experience beyond their academic efforts

Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education (APJCE) Special Issue: Critical Assessment Issues in WIL

[Posted: 21 Oct 2014]

The APJCE has recently launched a timely and pertinent special issue which focuses on the challenges associated with assessment in a WIL context. Sonia Ferns was Guest Editor of the special issue which includes high quality articles written by expert authors in their fields.

Critical assessment issues in work-integrated learning
By Sonia Ferns, Karsten E. Zegwaard

Theoretical perspectives on assessment in cooperative education placements
By David Hodges, Chris Eames, Richard K. Coll

Assessment of student outcomes from work-integrated learning: Validity and reliability
By Calvin Smith

Quality policy and the role of assessment in work-integrated learning
By Jon Yorke and Lesley Vidovich

Feedback on student performance in the workplace: The role of workplace supervisors
By Deborah Peach, Elizabeth Ruinard, and Fleur Webb

Assessing the immeasurables of practice
By Joy Higgs

ePortfolios as evidence of standards and outcomes in work-integrated learning
by Jude Comfort and Sonia Ferns

To access articles, please visit

Public Sector GIS 272x373 Ryan Selvin, GIS student on his internship with the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Exploring the Future of Modelling Networks

[Posted: 25 Aug 2014]

The Transport Modelling area of the Department for Planning and Infrastructure is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Strategic Transport Evaluation Model (STEM) and the provision of modelling services for land use and transport infrastructure planning.  

Of the four Geographic Information Science (GIS) students who will undertake Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activities with the organisation in 2014, two have completed 120 hours. Students were appreciative of the support and guidance provided by Transport Modelling staff who, in turn, extolled the mutual benefits of the WIL program and the quality of Curtin students.

The majority of tasks included assisting with the development of modelling networks, (road, public transport, cycle and walk paths) with students utilising relevant software. The students were also involved in the assessment and coding of network connections over the whole metropolitan area.  

Benefits to students included gaining practical transport modelling software and GIS skills; experience in providing advice regarding modelling zonal issues in a professional manner and presenting on projects to colleagues; opportunities for developing networking skills and enhancing research skills on land use and transport modelling.

Ryan Slevin, a student who interned at the organisation, shared his thoughts regarding WIL in general, and his personal WIL experience at the Department of Planning and Infrastructure:

“Internships provide the student with a great opportunity to experience their chosen field of work under the guidance of mentors. Transitioning from lecture theatres after 4 years into the real world could have been daunting, but doing an internship enabled me to gain confidence and knowledge.  My work involved giving valuable input into a major traffic remodelling project and attending meetings.

The Internship was a really positive experience for me. I met some wonderfully supportive professional people who have given me great advice for the future. I would encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities the Work Integrated Learning programme presents. You will not be disappointed!”

For more information on public sector internships, please contact Megan Le Clus at

WIL in Curriculum Initiative WInners

[Posted: 8 Aug 2014]

WIL is pleased to announce the complete list of successful WIL in Curriculum Initiative proposals. Congratulations to all winners!

Curtin Business School

Title: WIL in Financial Planning

This project aims to extend current WIL initiatives in the financial planning course, create a strategic long term alliance with industry, improve student outcomes and provide leadership to the higher education community.  An outcome of the project will be to provide leadership by modelling a WIL program that can be used as a benchmark for universities seeking professional accreditation with the Financial Planning Association.

Elson Goh (School of Economics and Finance, CBS)

Title: Developing an internship for the Tourism and Hospitality Major

This project aims to develop an internship program for the Tourism and Hospitality Major. The project will research different models for internships and their assessment; build links across the tourism, hospitality and events sectors to source internships and review different options for students to apply for internships.

Dr Kirsten Holmes, Dr Michael Hughes, Associate Professor Christof Pforr  (School of Marketing, CBS)

Title: Developing Language Interventions to improve communication skills among teams in a business context

Feedback from industry suggests that university students are deficient in the skills necessary to work effectively in teams.  Following an 18 month study which has demonstrated that certain short English language interventions integrated into group assignments can improve students’ ability to work in teams. The aim of this project is to extend and operationalise the study by extending it to other Curtin business units – to ensure that students undertaking WIL have the necessary skills to work in teams.

Dr Paul Alexander,  Dr Trish Dooey (Graduate School of Business / Office of Teaching & Learning)

Science and Engineering

Title: Towards a reciprocally informed work integrated learning (WIL) program embedded in the Spatial Sciences Curriculum

This project, focusing on the unit Spatial Sciences Professional Practice, aims to develop greater industry engagement, enhanced work-related skills for students, and more authentic assessment methods in the context of spatial sciences programs.  The project will identify what employers define as a ‘work ready spatial science graduate’ and tailor learning activities accordingly using current best practice.

Dr Todd Robinson, Dr Ahmed El-Mowafy, Professor Bert Veenendaal (Department of Spatial Sciences)

Title: Can traditional face-to-face clinical workplace visits be simulated in an online environment?

This project focuses on the role of the visiting tutor in the students’ clinical learning experience in the Medical Imaging Science program.  The objective is to examine the expectations of students, clinical supervisors and visiting tutors, in relation to traditional face-to-face clinical visits compared to a simulated experience online.

Yasas Botenne, Nagammal Nagendran, Louise Deshon (Discipline of Medical Imaging Science)

Health Science

Title: Building Learner Autonomy and Capacity for Community and Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement in Dietetic Students

The aim of this project is to develop a program designed to provide an early WIL experience to students in the new Masters of Dietetics degree prior to the mandatory second year six week placement. The project will enable an opportunity to use WIL to improve the outcomes in the community and public health nutrition practice domain which requires different knowledge, skills and ways of working compared to clinical practice.

Dr Andrea Begley (Senior Lecturer,  Nutrition & Dietetics) & Dr Ann Firth (Director T & L, School of Public Health)

Title: A Work Integrated Learning initiative for the Human Biology PreClinical Degree

The aim of this project is to undertake a feasibility study to enable the introduction of WIL into the undergraduate Human Biology Preclinical degree program.  This will lay the groundwork and provide the background information for the introduction of WIL into the curriculum – ensuring that graduates are work ready.

Dr Phil Bourne, Dr Julianne Crowley (Human Biology; School of Biomedical Sciences)


Title: Extension of WIL opportunities associated with presentation of Curtin's annual fashion graduation show case

Each year graduating student fashion work is presented to industry at an end of year fashion show (organised by the students). This project aims to develop a clear set of position descriptions for work related roles undertaken by the students involved in the management of the fashion show – furthering developing and refining the WIL experience.

Anne Farren (Design Technologies/ Design & Art)

Title: Indigenous Community Engagement through work integrated learning. Enhancing professional skills and promoting cultural awareness.  

The aim of this project is to increase Indigenous community engagement through WIL and enhancing professional skills and promoting cultural awareness.  FTV and journalism students will work with Aboriginal organisations on collaboratively developed projects, supported by cultural awareness workshops with an action research framework. Students will work in interdisciplinary teams to create an output such as a documentary or feature story.

Michelle Johnston, Dr Bonita Mason, Chris Thomson, Professor Dawn Bennett (School of Media Culture & Creative Arts)

Title: Vertical Transformational Learning Model (VTLM): building a culture of WIL from 1st year through to industry

The aim of this project is to build a WIL culture in Architecture from the first year through to industry using a Vertical Transformational Learning Model with the intention of developing WIL to be more than just a mode of teaching practice.  This involves championing WIL from the perspective of industry.

Khoa Do, Dr Philip Bay, Richard Hammond, Adjunct Professor John Crabtree & Dr Emil Jonescu (Department of Architecture & Interior Architecture/ School of Built Environment)

Enactus Group Photo

National Enactus Conference

[Posted: 24 Jul 2014]

The WIL team took Enactus Curtin students to participate in the Enactus Conference in Brisbane on the 8th July 2014.

Held over three days, the students gained valuable insights into the world of work, through workshops  delivered by key note speakers from reputable companies including KPMG, Woolworths and Chep. In addition, the students learnt about organisational sustainability and succession planning from experts at CSIRO. They were also educated by a seasoned tender writer on the techniques of grant application writing.

The Australia National Competition was the highlight event. This year, 17 teams from across the country participated for the chance to represent Australia at the 2014 Enactus World Cup in Beijing. Pitting their public speaking skills amongst the best student presenters in the country, Enactus teams from participating universities reviewed projects worked on in the past year and shared how student-driven social enterprises have impacted lives of others.

Under the scrutiny of a judging panel consisting of 20 business and academic leaders, University of Sydney emerged victorious in a nail-biting finale, with University of Western Australia coming in a close second. Associate Professor Linley Lord, Academic Director—Curtin Leadership Centre, representing Curtin University, was invited to join the judging panel. She was impressed by the quality of work the students have  produced and the far reaching impacts of their initiatives.

While Enactus Curtin did not present this year, the conference gave them an avenue to grow their ideas. The students took every opportunity to learn so that they can compete with the finest next year.

Enactus Curtin took home the World Cup in 2004—the first non-American and only university in Australia to have ever done so.

For more information and partnership opportunities with Enactus Curtin, please contact Dr Megan Le Clus at or follow Enactus Curtin on Facebook.

Larger than Life Arts Event
Curtin Arts students learning about artwork placement at the Larger than Life: An Arts Event by the Sea in Esperance.

Larger than Life: An Arts Event by the Sea

[Posted: 19 Jun 2014]

The WIL team took three Curtin Art Students to Esperance to participate in the Larger than Life: An Arts Events by the Sea, hosted by Esperance Community Arts Centre, on 17 & 18 May. 

The students gained valuable practical experience by working closely with an arts professional, setting up sculptures for the Community Sculpture competition at the grounds of the Esperance Historic Museum Village.

Further to learning about artwork placements, they shadowed sound and lighting professionals, setting up multiple stages for performance arts. They were also given the opportunity to learn more about videography and photography from professionals in the field.

Contributing to the event, our students created a temporary colourful ball sculpture that was opened up for children on the final day. In addition, Phoenix Hudson, a Performance Arts student, got into the spirit of community participation in the arts and performed an impromptu poetry reading of her own work.  

As well as the opportunity to work with professionals in a community setting, students gained work integrated learning experience in a regional context and saw first-hand how art can be a vehicle for community engagement.

You can contact Alison O’Shaughnessy at for more details.

EGAMI Dining Etiquette EGAMI participants learning about business dining etiquette at 1907 Restaurant.

EGAMI Powerful Impressions

[Posted: 19 May 2014]

The WIL team organised forty Curtin University students and twenty three Polytechnic West students to participate in the EGAMI Powerful Impressions Program.

Held over three days, students learnt a wide range of practical skills that will enable them to make a great impression in the workplace.

Under the tutelage of 2011 Business News 40under40 award recipient, Ms Natasha Di Ciano, Founder and Managing Director of EGAMI and NXT Enterprise, students learnt about maintaining their professional image and enhancing their communication and networking skills.

Students were also coached on the application of reflective learning techniques to identify their strengths and self-motivation techniques to build resilience.

The program finished with a fine dining experience at 1907 Restaurant in the city where students were exposed to business dining etiquette. They were also presented with the accredited Certificate of Powerful Impressions upon completion of the program.

Michelle Tran, a final year Marketing and Public Relations student who participated in the program, while interning at EGAMI, found the entire experience to be extremely beneficial. She commented that the opportunity helped develop her organisational skills through events management planning and improved her understanding and use of social media.

To find out more about what the students did on EGAMI's Facebook.

Causeforce Weekend to End Women's Cancer Curtin physiotherapy student performing massage therapy on participants at the Weekend to End Women's Cancer.

Causeforce Weekend to End Women's Cancer

[Posted: 13 Mar 2014]

On March 15th and 16th the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer event was held for the very first time in Perth.

Under the guidance of a qualified Physio Therapist, 8 Physio Therapy students from Curtin conducted massage therapy services to a large portion of the 1200 tired participants who walked 60 kilometres to raise funds for Cancer research.

Students developed and applied knowledge of Human Anatomy and competencies for Physiotherapy practices including; skills in patient handling, soft tissue manipulation, documentation and clinical reasoning.

This provided a valuable learning opportunity to students within a realistic setting “we usually practice on people in our class but they never have anything really wrong with them so it was a really good experience”. The students also found the experience to be both professionally and personally rewarding “it was hard work but we learned a lot and it felt good to help out”.

Another 30 students from various faculties participated in other activities including administration and event management.

The Crew and Volunteer Coordinator for the event Sinead Nolan said she was overwhelmed by the engagement of our students.

Jurien Bay CRC

Jurien Bay Reef Ball Project

[Posted: 28 Feb 2014]

In December 2013, twelve Curtin University students travelled to Jurien Bay, 232km north of Perth, to participate in a community work integrated learning project.

Under the direction of the local Community Resource Centre, the students developed strategies for attracting visitors to a newly established artificial reef structure and commenced monitoring of the marine system.

The Shire of Dandaragan, the Department of Parks and Wildlife, and local champions all joined together to assist the students from marine science, software engineering, film and media and four exchange visiting from Brazil.

Dr Christopher Rawson, from the Department of Environment and Agriculture (Faculty of Science and Engineering) led the team of marine science students and provided expert knowledge and guidance.

The project is the start of an ongoing relationship between Curtin University, the Jurien Bay Community Resource Centre, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the local community.