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Curtin University

Eco Challenge 2.0

Water is essential for all life as we know it. A simple fact that sometimes feels forgotten as political and commercial interests take priority.

Curtin University was the Australian organiser for participation in the 2014 UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2.0.

The Eco Challenge uses an online strategic game, Aqua Republica, to help raise awareness of the importance and challenges of managing limited natural resources in the face of multiple and often competing demands in the drive towards a sustainable development.

During 2014 more than 40 schools registered via this site and more than 140 Australian teams were registered amongst nearly 300 teams globally.

Congratulations to Kent Street SHS who had the most successful teams in the Australian context and 3 of their teams placed in the top 15 internationally.

Curtin University in association with UNESCO Hong Kong, UNESCO Bangkok, UNEP-DHI Center for Water and Environment, United Nations Youth Association (Phillipines) are currently working towards the 2015 event.

Feedback from participants of the 2014 event was encouraging:

“I might add, the experience and the learning that went on was incredible. From watching the students helping out with computer issues to the discussion that took place as to the best methods of building a sustainable environment it was truly brilliant.“ (Australian teacher)

“I had several students explain the game features and what they were trying to achieve to our Sustainability Teacher and that in itself was fantastic. They were so enthusiastic it was a delight to behold.” (Australian teacher)

Competition dates for the 2015 event will be announced shortly. Schools and individual teachers can register their interest for future games here.